Rainham Opportunities for Youth Activity Leader (the “Royals”)

Policy Statement Relating to the Use of CCTV & Recording Equipment at its Premises in Rainham.


Following the recent installation of CCTV and recording equipment at the Royals Youth Centre (the “Centre”) in Rainham, Essex, the Royal’s Board of Trustees recognises its statutory responsibility for the protection of its property and equipment as well as its responsibility for safeguarding and protecting the Charity’s community and providing a sense of security to its employees, User Groups and invitees to its premises.  This policy statement sets out the rationale for installation of the equipment and the way in which it will be used.


The installation of CCTV surveillance equipment in the Centre is intended for the purposes of:


·        protecting the Centre’s buildings and assets, both during and after hours;

·        promoting the health and safety of staff, User Groups and visitors;

·        reducing the fear and incidence of crime and anti-social behaviour;

·        supporting the Police in a bid to deter and detect crime;

·        assisting in identifying, apprehending and prosecuting offenders; and

·    ensuring that the Royal’s rules are respected so that the Centre can be properly managed.


The CCTV System is a proportionate and reasonable means of achieving these aims. The CCTV System will be in use in various areas both in and outside the Centre, and the system’s presence will be brought to the attention of individuals by the use of prominently displayed warning signs at the Centre’s entrance and at the locations of recordings. The data will be held in compliance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and the CCTV system will be used in accordance with the Code of Practice for Surveillance cameras and Personal Information as promulgated by the Information Commissioner’s Office.  In this regard, the Trustees will ensure that the Centre Manager reviews the actions in the Checklist in Appendix 1 on an annual basis.


Supervising the access and maintenance of the CCTV System is the responsibility of the Trustees who have delegated the day-to-day management to the Centre Manager. In certain circumstances, the recordings may also be viewed by other individuals in order to achieve the objectives set out above; such individuals may include the Police, the Trustees, representatives of the Local Authority, OFSTED, representatives of the HSE, and/or the principal of a User Group, however this list is not exhaustive. Only a Police Officer may view recordings on request.  All other access will only be allowed with the prior approval of at least two Trustees, unless a Court Order is produced. When CCTV recordings are being viewed, access will be limited to authorised individuals on a need-to-know basis.  During recordings, the monitor in the Centre Manager’s office will be switched off or sited in a position where it can only be viewed by the Centre Manager or Caretaker monitoring use of the Centre during evening activities.


Recordings made by the CCTV System will be stored in the Centre Manager’s Office on a password-protected server. The recordings made by the CCTV System will be recorded to an appropriate medium, usually the server’s hard drive. In general, CCTV System recordings on the server will be deleted after 28 days.


Where the Police have requested that the Centre furnish them with copies of the recordings, the relevant recordings will not be deleted, and may be further copied for the purposes of complying with the official request. In addition, the Centre may retain recordings made by the CCTV System beyond the stated period for the purpose of using or relying upon same in future civil proceedings, or for the purpose of disciplinary investigations and/or hearings or grievance proceedings. In those circumstances, the Centre shall immediately obtain the advice of their legal advisor in respect of the retention, and secure-storage of any recordings made of the incident.


In relevant circumstances, CCTV footage may be accessed:


·    By the Police where the Centre are required by law to make a report regarding the commission of a suspected crime; or

·      Following a request by the Police when a crime or suspected crime has taken place and/or when it is suspected that anti-social behaviour is taking place on Centre property, or

·     To the HSE and/or any other statutory body charged with child safeguarding; or

·       To assist the Centre Manager &/or Trustees in establishing facts in cases of unacceptable User Group or Visitor behaviour, in which case and if appropriate, relevant User Group Principals will be informed; or

·     By data subjects (or their legal representatives), pursuant to an access request where the time, date, and location of the recordings is furnished to the Centre, or

·       To individuals (or their legal representatives) subject to a court order.


             Access to the relevant recordings will be granted with the prior approval of any two  Trustees unless access is required by a Police Officer or Court Order.


Any complaints relating to the CCTV system should be addressed to the Centre Manager or Trustees.



This Policy Statement was ratified by the Board of Trustees on 10 November 2016


Appendix 1


Checklist for users of limited CCTV systems


monitoring small retail and business premises


This CCTV system and the images produced by it are controlled by the Trustees and day to day management has been delegated to the Centre Manager who is responsible for how the system is used and for notifying the Information Commissioner about the CCTV system and its purpose (which is a legal requirement of the Data Protection Act 1988).


We the Trustees of the Rainham Opportunities for Youth Activity Leaders have considered the need for using CCTV and have decided it is required for the prevention and detection of crime and for protecting the safety of User Groups and visitors.  It will not be used for any other purpose.  The requirement for continued use of the CCTV system will be reviewed annually in terms of the following checklist. 





Date of next


Notification  has  been  submitted  to  the

Information  Commissioner  and  the  next

renewal  date  recorded.


Paula Young

Nov 17

There  is  a  named  individual  who  is

responsible  for  the  operation  of  the



Mrs S Sheen

Paula Young

Nov 17

The  problem  we  are  trying  to  address  has

been  clearly  defined  and  installing  cameras

is  the  best  solution.  This  decision  will  be

reviewed  on  a  regular  basis.


Paula Young

Nov 17

A  system  has  been  chosen  which  produces

clear  images  which  the  law  enforcement

bodies  (usually  the  police)  can  use  to

investigate  crime  and  these  can  easily  be

taken  from  the  system  when  required.


Paula Young

Nov 17

Cameras  have  been  sited  so  that  they

provide  clear  images.




Paula Young

Nov 17

There  are  visible  signs  showing  that  CCTV

is  in  operation.  Where  it  is  not  obvious  who

is  responsible  for  the  system  contact

details  are  displayed  on  the  sign(s).

14.11.16 Paula Young Nov 17

Images  from  this  CCTV  system  are

securely  stored,  where  only  a  limited

number  of  authorised  persons  may  have

access  to  them.

14.11.16 Paula Young Nov 17

The  recorded  images  will  only  be  retained

long  enough  for  any  incident  to  come  to

light  (eg  for  a  theft  to  be  noticed)  and  the

incident  to  be  investigated.

14.11.16 Paula Young Nov 17

Except  for  law  enforcement  bodies,  images

will  not  be  provided  to  third  parties other than with thespecific approval of at least two Trustees.

14.11.16 Paula Young Nov 17

The  potential  impact  on  individuals’  privacy

has  been  identified  and  taken  into  account

in  the  use  of  the  system

14.11.16 Paula Young Nov 17

The  organisation  knows  how  to  respond  to

individuals  making  requests  for  copies  of

their  own  images.  If  unsure  the  controller

knows  to  seek  advice  from  the  Information

Commissioner  as  soon  as  such  a  request  is


14.11.16 Paula Young Nov 17

Regular  checks  are  carried  out  to  ensure

that  the  system  is  working  properly  and

produces  high  quality  images.

14.11.16 Paula Young Nov 17